Emjoi Epilator Erase Pro

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Emjoi Epilator Erase Pro - Emjoi eRase Pro 60-Tweezer Hair Removal Epilator (White)

Emjoi eRase Pro 60-Tweezer Hair Removal Epilator (White)

Brand: Emjoi
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  • 60 tweezers, with Precision Hair Removal Technology, removes the majority of hair the first time, saving time and possible skin irritation by reducing the number of passes required to achieve smooth skin.
  • Each disc contains one fixed disc and two that open and close to gently assist in skin stretching and increase comfort
  • Great for removing hair on the legs, bikini line and underarms
  • Electrically-operated (corded)
  • Includes: eRase Pro e60 Epilator, adapter, travel pouch, cleaning brush, and instruction booklet.