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Cleansing Drinks Weight Loss - Milatte-Fashiony Fruit Foam Cleanser (Banana)

Milatte-Fashiony Fruit Foam Cleanser (Banana)

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  • 1.Fashion Fruite Foam Cleanser, Moisturizng Foam Cleanser. Regulates dead cell turn over. Skin Stress reliet & Tone-correcting. Refreshing Texture. Daily exfoliation without irriatation.
  • 2.Containing 99.5-percent pure Banana extract, this delicious smelling foam cleanser gently removes impurities, dirts, and traces of make-up without over drying the skin's delicate surface. Banana Extract: Great source of potassium, carotene, and Vitamin C. Helps to nourish, prevents further dehydration by building a strong protective veil to retain moisture within the skin. 4 Excellent hydrating ingredients from nature.
  • 3.Moisturizing Foam Clenaser, formulated to cleanse, rehydrate and retain moisture within the skin. Super nourishing banana extract and whip-cream lke texture makes your cleansing time pleasant and easy.
  • 4.Remove impurities and aged dead skin cells while revitalizing and moisturizing the skin. Skin is left clear and soft with good level of moisture.
  • 5.Product : Milatte-Fashiony Fruit Foam Cleanser Banana 150ml. BEST Korea Cosmetics and Beauty. Good item of gift and Present item set of birthday black Friday Christmas mothers day girl friend Valentine Day Graduate gift set. Made in Korea.