Cleansing Detox Diet Drinks

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Cleansing Detox Diet Drinks - Kitty Ice-Cream Bubble Cleanser (1Set Charcoal)

Kitty Ice-Cream Bubble Cleanser (1Set Charcoal)

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  • * 7 organic oils + Vitamin E. Natural ingredients. A Natural Cleanser of Dream without any skin stimulation. Eco frendly novel materials item. 100% Natural plant extracts Containing 7 Organic oils Ice-Cream Bubble pack. ECONEKO is a Korean Beauty and Cosmetic Brand that pursues health and nature.
  • * All in one Cleansing with Facial Mask. Moisturizing, whitening, Anti-aging, Vitamin, Relieve skin, troubles Removing, Sebum and dead skin cell ,Safe Baby, PH8, Ice-Cream Bubble
  • * Cute Lucky Kitty Shaped Design Cleanser and Unique Package for Gift. Made in Korea.
  • * Skin Stimulation Clinical Test Completed. Clinical Tests for irritation and skin sensitization passed. It's safe for all of your family members. 1.Skin pernicious ingredients not detected. 2.Fluorescent material not detected. 3.Distilled water germ no detected. Enough foaming beauty base bar body hair hand soap and cleaners cleanse clean cleaning cleansing clearbathroom. Natural ingredients soap like cream bubble vivid color long lasting than handmade soap.
  • * Detail Components : 1.Capsule, 2.Holder, 3.Bubble Maker ( Note !! . Single item does not include Bubble Maker) Good for gift and Present item set of birthday black Friday Christmas mothers day girl friend Valentine Day Graduate. It is good for whitening face night and scrub hand good for acne antibacterial. herbal scent