Cleansing Crystals with Pyramid

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Cleansing Crystals With Pyramid - Jet Genuine Green Aventurine Obelisk Tower Free Booklet \

Jet Genuine Green Aventurine Obelisk Tower Free Booklet \

Brand: Jet International
Department: womens
Tag: Cleansing Crystals with Pyramid Genuine, Green, Aventurine, Obelisk, Tower, Booklet Cleansing Crystals with Pyramid
  • Free 40 Pages Booklet Jet International Crystal Therapy Exclusively Jet International. Approx. 2.75" Long and 45 grams weight. Best for Healing, Meditation, Crystal Therapy, Positive Energy, Chakra Balancing, Peace of Mind, Meditation, Gift, Bonding, Spiritual Awakening, Psychic Awareness, Wicca, Pagan Rituals, Divination, Display or Show Piece, Massage, Handheld Therapy, Reiki, Power, Protection, Success, Progress, Prosperity, etc
  • Book provides deep insight about Crystal Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Cleansing & Programming Crystals, Use on Pets, Benefits, Applications and many more details.Metaphysical healers used Aventurine not just for the emotional and mental healing Aventurine is known for but also for its ability to bring down a fever, relieve stress from all over the nervous system, heal migraines, aid in healing eye ailments, normalize high blood pressure and soothe and heal Urinary tract disorders.
  • Amongst the many distinct symbols of ancient Egypt is the obelisk. This is a unique four sided monument that stands tall and ends with a pyramid-like top. The oldest of Egyptian obelisks were considered to be monolithic in nature where as the more contemporary obelisks can be seen made using individual stones and in some cases they may even have specially designed interior spaces.
  • It is a stone that is frequently monolithic, of a quadrangular base, placed upright and ending with a pointed top. It is present in the squares of the most important cities around the world. The obelisk, called TEJEN in the sacred language of the ancientEgyptians, was a term which was synonymous with "protection" or "defense."
  • Generally, obelisks have inscriptions on all four sides and also parts of the pyramidon are sometimes carved with bas-relief. These monumente symbolize the stability and the creative force held by the solar god RA. The Egyptians believed that the solar rays brought a great vivifying power even into the grave which would have an effect on the subsequent resurrection of the deceased.
Cleansing Crystals With Pyramid - Crocon Amethyst Bulk Natural Raw Stone Rough Gemstone Crystals For Healing Tumbling Cabbing Polishing (1 LB)

Crocon Amethyst Bulk Natural Raw Stone Rough Gemstone Crystals For Healing Tumbling Cabbing Polishing (1 LB)

Brand: Crocon
Tag: Cleansing Crystals with Pyramid Crocon, Amethyst, Natural, Stone, Rough, Gemstone, Crystals, Healing, Tumbling, Cabbing, Polishing Cleansing Crystals with Pyramid
  • This Beautiful Amethyst Raw Stone Handmade In India.
  • Amethyst encourages sobriety.
  • Weight: 450 Gram Approx.
  • Perfect for Tumbling, Cabochons, Wire Wrapping, Reiki or Collecting.
  • Natural gemstone, You will receive the similar item as picture shown, not exact one since stone is unique.