Cleansing Crystals for Beginners

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Cleansing Crystals For Beginners - Botrong Crystal Capsule Mask Collagen Moisturizing Acne DIY Mask 100 Capsules (Green)

Botrong Crystal Capsule Mask Collagen Moisturizing Acne DIY Mask 100 Capsules (Green)

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  • 🌸Prepare boiled water (boiled water, preferably boiled and ready to use). The dosage is: pour water into the bowl (can be used with a disposable cup without a bowl), about half a bowl of water (or half) Cup of water) is enough
  • 🌸Using 2 capsules, pour the film powder inside into the water. When the film powder is poured into the bowl, pay attention to it. First, remove the capsule and put it on a piece of clean paper. After the powder is slightly broken, stir the boiling water you just prepared with the film stick, while slowly Pour the powder into the water, and slowly pour it down, not fast, so that the powder dissolves evenly into the water
  • 🌸Stir constantly clockwise or counterclockwise (same direction) for about 5 minutes. After the water is sticky, pour it into the mold. When you pour it, pay attention to it. Pour it from the position of the nose. If the water is not poured, you can use the film stick to gently dial the mask to make the mask water fill the mold evenly. Then hold the mold chin and the cheeks of the face slightly by hand, so that the water is concentrated on the nose and forehead
  • 🌸(because the support force is in these two positions, so you must make a thick spot so that the mask will not fall down when it comes out. ), about 1 minute, when the water starts to condense a bit, and when it does not flow on the surface of the water, you can put it in the fan or cool place, wait for 10 minutes. about
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